Linen clothes are easy to wear but wrinkle and shrink easily?

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Clothes made of linen are breathable, lightweight, and easy to absorb sweat, making them the first choice for summer clothes.

Especially children and the elderly, wearing this kind of clothes in summer is very comfortable and has a very good soothing effect on emotions.

However, linen fabrics are easy to shrink and wrinkle, especially when they are put into water for the first time after buying them. They will become very wrinkled after washing. Even if they are expensive, they will still wrinkle.

The reason why linen fabrics wrinkle easily is mainly related to the fiber of linen. Linen clothes have better toughness but no elasticity. Other fabrics can slowly return to their original shape after deformation, but linen clothes cannot and will wrinkle once they are deformed.

So we need to spend more time and energy to take good care of it.

How to wash

Clothes made of this material are different from other materials in the washing process because they shrink easily, and some brightly colored ones are prone to fading. Therefore, the best way to clean is to dry clean. If dry cleaning is not possible, consider hand washing. Do not try other cleaning methods. During the hand washing process, you should pay attention to the following points:

(1) During the cleaning process, the first thing to pay attention to is to use a neutral detergent, because using alkaline detergent on clothes made of this material will cause the surface to fade, especially washing powder, so do not use it. Because the substances contained in it can easily make clothes shrink and seriously cause discoloration. When you buy something new, soak it in clean water first, do not put any liquid in it, then clean it and dry it.

(2) During the washing process, you must also pay great attention to the water temperature, which should be very low. It can only be washed with cold water, because the color locking property of this type of material is very poor. If the water temperature is slightly higher, all the colors will fall off, and it will also cause damage to the clothes.

(3) After cleaning the clothes, do you need to acidify them again, or because their color is easy to fade, so we can prepare a basin of water and then put a few drops of white vinegar in the basin. As long as the water is acidic, it will Put the washed clothes into it again, soak it for 3 minutes, and then let it dry. After cleaning, during the drying process, you should first smooth it out and then place it in a cool place to dry.

How to iron and remove wrinkles

Because linen clothes are not only easy to lose color during the washing process, they are also very easy to wrinkle. If you rub it back and forth, it will affect its own material, making it easier to wrinkle.

This requires us to first take off the clothes and fold them neatly when they are 90% dry, and then iron the clothes with a steam iron or a hanging iron, because this method is the least harmful to the clothes. , and can also protect its color well.

When using a steam iron, it is best to choose a hanging iron, which is easy to use and has better wrinkle removal effect after ironing. When ironing linen clothes, you need to pay attention to the temperature. The temperature should be controlled between 200°C and 230°C, and the clothes should be ironed when they are semi-dry, so that the ironing effect is the best.

How to avoid shrinkage

In addition to the above two major disadvantages, another important point is that clothes made of this material shrink very easily and may turn into children’s clothes after you wash them.

Regarding the issue of shrinkage, we need to pay attention to not using hot water but only cold water during washing. Only use neutral cleaning agents during cleaning. Other cleaning agents will damage the internal structure and cause shrinkage.

During the washing process, it needs to be soaked for a period of time. After soaking fully, just rub it gently with your hands. After that, remove the water and dry it. Do not twist it vigorously, as this will not only wrinkle it, but also cause it to shrink. The most important reason why clothes made of this material will shrink is dehydration, so it is best to dry them directly after washing them.